December 31, 2018

The children understand.

It’s the adults that are slow to see the picture. Children see it immediately. “There’s something magical happening! Come and play!” Bubbles. Softly falling, slowly rising, obeying the wind. Soap and water. Shimmering surface, undulating, morphing. Unique like snowflakes. Journeying to their destiny.


The children understand.

A faithful demonstration of the graceful path — from unchosen beginning through winding middle — is not the only revelation on existence a bubble provides. They also show us the power and magic in the ending. The alchemy of transition from one state to another.

bubbles 3

The children understand.

Adults, standing perfectly still, witness the joy and smile, lost in reverie of a time when they would have howled with the same delight at the appearance of something as simple as soap and water, floating through air. A time when they understood. A time when they saw things more directly, more purely, without imagining the thing being something else or of some quality. They simply saw. The adults offer a smile, but the moment asks for more. The adults are lost in memory, but the moment asked them to be there. The bubbles asked for participation, for play, so that they could fulfill their purpose.

bubbles 4

The children don’t know, they understand:

Like life…

bubbles 5

…bubbles exist to burst.

bubbles 6

bubbles 7

Pure joy.
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