2020: A year that happened

January 01, 2021

I mean, kind of.

As I lay in bed this morning, on the first day of 2021, kind of awake and kind of hungover, I think back to a year that was full of “kindas”. Like how I “kinda” kept it together, for example.

My year was marked with kinda growth in some areas and kinda falling on my face in others, but overall I’m grateful to have kept my health, maintained old relationships, and nurtured new ones. There’s nothing else serious or “real” I want to say here, though there’s lots that could or maybe one day should be said, but right now all I want is a gatorade and some pizza. Oh, and to share a video and document some random personal data from this last “year”.

Among goals set at the start of last year, there was basically only one I hit, but then again there was very little hope post-February for, “Social: get out, spend more time with friends. Go to at least 1 concert per month.” I’m still upset about losing out on the RATM reunion show. But, like the man said, “anger is a gift”.

Into what did I channel my rage? Apparently, reading! I had set a goal to read at least 1 book per month and after looking back, it turns out I did ok on that one. Here they all are, most of them ready for borrowing. Themes were largely around consciousness, time, and creativity. Asterisks for my favorite ones of the year.


One Second Everyday…but not everyday and not always exactly 1 second

A couple years ago I heard about this app 1 Second Everyday and thought it would be cool to try and do that one year. As it happened, 2020 was the first year I remembered to start on 1/1, and it began quite unremarkably, but of course as the year wore on, I realized how auspicious it was that I began the process this year.

Until next year!

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