December 24, 2018

One of the books I read during my stay in Paris was The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli. A fascinating book that attempts to demystify some aspects of time and most peoples understanding of it. There’s discussions of relativity and whether or not aspects of time we think exist actually do, things like the “present” and ultimately, time itself. He explains from a physics perspective how everything we see is ultimately defined by time. Nothing exists as a permanent object, everything changes given enough time/entropy. However, he explains, mathematically there’s no difference between past and present meaning some information (objects/things/events) may persist. As he demonstrates, this is really only possible in extreme situations, like around black holes, not something that happens in your kitchen. Still, I imagined what if it’s possible for information to exist in some format — ghosts of all the ideas and energy surrounding creation. I started thinking of why some places seem to be more central to creation or seem to be more inspirational than others.

Paris has been one of those places for me and many, many people throughout history. Whenever I go there I’m flooded with ideas and inspired to make something or put something down on paper. Maybe it’s all the coffee or the slow aimless walking — flânerie. Or maybe, I imagined, there’s something echoing through time that’s accessible in this location if you’re receptive to it…

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