March 06, 2019

Monkeys, monkeys that are cute, monkeys that look like they will fuck you up, monkeys that will steal food directly from your pockets and look you in the eye as they eat it in front of you (I saw that happen twice!).

Gibraltar is a strange little place. First, forgive my ignorance, but I had no idea prior to going that it wasn’t part of Spain and instead belonged to the British. When you go you have to pass through passport checks each way, but unless the guy checking mine was a speedreader, I don’t think they care all that much about the process. Getting through each time took less than 5 minutes.

Aside from the monkeys and having a solid steak and ale pie, there was a moment of true awe when walking to the southern-most part of the town. Looking out over where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic, you can actually see Africa. I didn’t realize it was that close and seeing one continent from another was a great moment I’ll remember.

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