Serious fool

I’m watching lines marching in
Along with grays and a second chin
Oh time why are you so cruel
When life’s already hard on a serious fool

Life’s a game, don’t you know
Just a dream, so the song goes
But you treat it like it’s school
Been kept behind, serious fool

Serious fool
You’re keeping score, following rules
But you never play it cool
Just too much a serious fool

Perhaps you’re right, I should lighten up
Maybe just once would be enough
Somehow I carry it all like a mule
Yeah life is so hard on a serious fool

You think the problem is where you are
Dream of going away so far
So you run away to Istanbul
But you can’t run from yourself, serious fool

Serious fool
You believe too much of what you think
And it’s weighing you down down serious fool

Serious fool
You thought you’d fix it in a blink
But you’re running out of fuel
Tiring being a serious fool

Yeah you’re right about one thing
Life is hard on a serious fool

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© 2023 Jesse Gortarez